Should you Buy Instagram Followers

Why buying Instagram followers is not a very good idea

Should you Buy Instagram Followers

13 employees, a turnover – Instagram look in 2012. However, Facebook was the photo app was already a billion dollars-worth. “Why does that Facebook”, not asked at that time only the financial magazine of Forbes – today can Mark Zuckerberg show a long nose all critics.

When Mark Zuckerberg announced in April 2012, for one billion dollars to buy up the photo app Instagram, there were quite a few experts who are puzzled rubbing the eyes.

Because firstly, Instagram at this time was already popular, but rather small. There was no advertising, the app made too little, to expand big no revenue and employed only 13 employees –.

Clearly, it was a coveted item still and full of potential, but there was no bidding competition. Why spend so one billion dollars for such a small company?

Secondly, even Facebook was at that time still not as big as it is today. The IPO was coming shortly, the social network had bought only small companies for very little money. Instagram was the first major deal by Mark Zuckerberg.

He is outbid until today only by the purchase of WhatsApp for around $20 billion and the oculus rift for two billion dollars. Many people are against users that buy instagram followers as they say that it is an unfair practice for the rest of the user base.

Instagrams growth helps Facebook today

But in the latest financial report, Instagram is the Star: Facebook released although no exact data, but indicates that 98 percent of the advertisers book now also displays on Instagram and there last year 29 per cent more ad was displayed than in the previous year.

As a result, that also appeared more advertising on Facebook – which leads to higher sales and more profit. How high the percentage of Instagram, can be estimated only: Barclay analyst Paul bird goes from $ 276 million in 2015 and that it might be more than $1.3 billion already this year then Instagram would have long justified its purchase price.

Teenagers go to Facebook – but to Instagram

The photo app is important as WhatsApp for Facebook for the same reason: the network keeps in touch with young customers, especially those under the age of 20 with two apps.

Where Facebook is not so popular, the Member numbers are lower here than in the older layers. This is also because that Facebook is officially from 16 years and teens turn to as often as other apps buy instant instagram followers, to communicate with their friends – just about WhatsApp or Instagram.

Just the latter is not more than photo app seen today by many young users, but as a social network. And because they use so they are controlled less by their parents – which had a precise eye to the Facebook account.

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