Best VPN services for 2017

Our top VPN services for 2017 listed by privacy and security

Best VPN services for 2017

VPN is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do you stop someone sees what you exactly do online, they also do excellent service to Netflix or Hulu, for example, to bypass blockages. We have made a selection of 9 top VPN services and tested how good they actually are.

The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) has several advantages. VPN connections were originally used mainly to secure the exchange of data. All packets are encrypted on one side and decrypted on the other side, so that the data is worthless if someone the connection can wiretap. That remains ideal for business-critical applications. Also read: what is VPN?

Nowadays it is also indispensable for individuals to be at the meeglurende eye of the various agencies and departments to escape. And then you do not state something very secret or dangerous to do. Run a virtually permanent VPN service is a great way to avoid unnecessary peek.

How does it work?

An application, such as a Web browser, want to send or receive data over the network. These are not sent via your default network adapter, but delivered to a virtual network adapter, for example, that the data first to the OpenVPN software sends. There the data is encrypted, equipped with a new delivery address via the virtual adapter and then forwarded to the real network adapter. Through your internet router is sent the encrypted traffic to your internet service provider, which delivers the packets data via the internet on the final destination-in this case the VPN provider. This decrypts the data and sends it to its final destination.


There are also services that use geo-blockages. For example streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. These services vote their offerings on the region where users are located. That on the other hand has to do with copyrights to the movies and series on offer, but it is also a tried and tested means of promotion of the content to the user group. A VPN can help to get around such blockages, because your computer’s IP address is given by the so-called VPN endpoint. This is also called the exit node.

That stands for example in the United States, then you are visible through an IP address in America. All VPN services allow users to determine through which server they are visible on the internet. This allows local television stations such as BBC via the iPlayer. In addition, the VPN providers alternative DNS servers. These DNS servers translate computer names to IP addresses and their operation is depending on the area in which they are located.

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